T-Fal P31052 Pressure Canner/Cooker Review

T-Fal P31052 Pressure Canner/Cooker Review

Perhaps like us, you too dream of the joy that fresh fruit and vegetables provided, when they are no longer in season. Pressure canning allows non-acidic foods to be stored safely for long periods of time, without spoilage.

This is done by sterilizing the food and glass jars at 240°F using a pressure canner/cooker, such as the T-Fal Pressure Canner.

When it comes to a basic pressure canner/cooker, that is ideal for beginners, many people choose the T-Fal Pressure Canner. The T-Fal pressure canner has some features that make it ideal for beginner users of pressure canning, or even for irregular users looking for an easy to use device around the home.

About The Product

Whether you are a beginner and pressure canning or just looking for a nice easy, to use device, the T-Fal pressure canner may be just what you are looking for. The T-Fal pressure canner comes with many features that make this easy to use, while still being sufficiently lightweight for easy use around the home kitchen.

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T-Fal arose as the result of Marc Gregoire heeding his wife’s request to Teflon coat her pans. In 1954. This innovative design resulted in T-Fal producing kitchenware, when the company was first formed two years later in 1956.

T-Fal has been designing innovative kitchenware and household utensils ever since. The T-Fal pressure canner is no exception.

Features Of The T-Fal Pressure Canner

There are several features that make the T-Fal Pressure Canner a great choice for people wanting to do pressure canning, especially in our opinion for the novice, or beginner, to pressure canning.

  • 22 quart capacity
  • Deluxe dial pressure gauge
  • Polished aluminum vessel
  • Selective pressure control for 5, 10 or 15 PSI
  • Sure Locking Lid System
  • Two canning and one cooking racks
  • A recipe books
  • 10 year warranty on the canner with a one year warranty on replacement parts

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What We Like

Most reviewers found the T-Fal Pressure Canner easy to use. This is important, especially if you have not had much experience with pressure canners before.

The T-Fal Pressure Canner is popular as an entry-level pressure canner/cooker for people who are just beginning their journey into the joys of pressure canning and cooking foods using high pressure.

T-Fal’s pressure canner comes with a dial pressure gauge measuring both PSI and kPa. The switch like pressure valve on the handle allows even the most inexperienced user to easily set the T-Fal Pressure Canner to the desired pressure setting.

T-fal P31052 Polished Pressure Canner and Cooker <img alt=”T-fal P31052 Polished Pressure Canner and Cooker ” style=”width: 450px” src=”//pressurecanners.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/T-fal-P31052-Pressure-Canner-and-Cooker.jpg” width=”450″ height=”450″ data-attachment-id=”137″>

With pressure canning having its origins in the Napoleonic wars, it is difficult to think that innovation is still possible with the pressure canner. In our opinion, T-Fal is able to successfully do this with its pressure canner.

One feature that was well received by reviewers, was the over steam pressure release. This is especially important for safe use around the home; and especially so for less experienced users.

The over steam pressure release valve provides extra peace of mind for beginners, as the use of the pressure canner can be intimidating if you are unfamiliar with them.

Like most pressure canners, the T-Fal pressure canner is constructed from aluminum. The T-Fal Pressure Canner has been made using polished aluminum making it easy to clean and giving it an elegant, polished, silver look.

The ease of cleaning is especially important since aluminum pressure canners/cookers cannot be cleaned in a dishwasher, as it will cause the aluminum to discolor or corrode. Should the aluminum corrode, there is an increased risk that the pressure canner may fail to adequately achieve the desired pressure.

The 22 quart capacity of the T-Fal Pressure Canner makes this a good choice for home pressure canning. At 22 quarts, this provides more than adequate capacity for most home users’ needs.

While some pressure canners/cookers available on the market, are remarkably heavy, the T-Fal Pressure Canner is sufficiently lightweight enough to be easy to handle and use. This is important if you are planning on using a pressure canner/cooker regularly around the home.

T-fal P31052 Polished Pressure Canner and Cooker <img alt=”T-fal P31052 Polished Pressure Canner and Cooker ” style=”width: 450px” src=”//pressurecanners.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/10/Pressure-Canner-and-Cooker.jpg” width=”450″ height=”362″ data-attachment-id=”136″>

As one would expect from such an established and respected company as T-Fal, the pressure canner comes with a 10 year warranty on the canner and a one year warranty on replacement parts. It is satisfying to know that T-Fal stands behind its product.

What We Do Not Like

Some reviewers found that the lid was not that easy to close correctly. We feel that this can be easily compensated for by watching the plethora of YouTube videos and other resources available online. With greater experience, any user who found the lid difficult to align when first beginning, would soon forget that this had ever been a problem.

Some reviewers had felt that the recipe book included with the T-Fal pressure canner, could have been more detailed, and provided better instructions.

As with the problem a small number of reviewers had found closing the lid correctly, there is plenty of advice, tips and resources available online to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your T-Fal pressure canner.

Buying Advice

if you are looking for a pressure canner suitable for beginners, or even just easy to use around the kitchen, then the T-Fal Pressure Canner  provides a quality product at an affordable price. The T-Fal Pressure Canner is available from reputable online stores, such as Amazon.


T-Fal’s innovative history, beginning in 1956 with the introduction of the Teflon coated nonstick pan, carries on today with the features of the T-Fal Pressure Canner.

In our opinion T-Fal’s pressure canner provides a cost-effective and easy to use pressure canner for beginners, or indeed anybody looking for a quality pressure canner at an affordable price.

Our Rating

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