Preserving Food Without Freezing Or Canning

So many gardeners focus on freezing or canning produce for good reason. It keeps fruits and vegetables fresh, preserves their nutrients, and the food is very easy to use once removed from the freezer or pantry. But that is not the only way to preserve your harvest. Here are several methods of preserving food without freezing or canning.

How Many Jars Fit In An 8-quart Pressure Canner?

Choose a pressure canner that will meet your canning needs. An 8-quart pressure canner will process 4 1-quart jars at one time, for example. Whatever size you need, we’ve got it covered in our article!

Pressure canners are used to can vegetables from the garden.

How do Pressure Canners Work?

Have you ever asked yourself, “how do pressure canners work?” The answers open up a whole new world of food preservation.

Bowl of raw Lima beans

Canning Lima Beans

Canning nutritious lima beans is easy in a pressure canner, and it is a great way to save time and money during dinnertime meal prep!

Large Lima beans on the table

Canning Dried Lima Beans

Canning dried lima beans is a money and time saver, and it’s easy! You will have beans in your pantry ready for quick, healthy meals.

lima beans in the brown pot as food background

Canning Fresh Lima Beans

When presented with a bumper crop of lima beans from your garden, consider canning fresh lima beans for side dishes in the off-season.

white beans in a bowl

Canning Navy Beans

Canning navy beans saves time and money when throwing together a quick pot of chili or Boston Baked Beans. Add some to your pantry today!